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2023 Gazillion Full Moon THANK YOUS!

Hello Golden Light!

As the Full Moon cast its glow on the other side of the Solstice and in the midst of this festive season, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude for each of you.

Please enjoy this little thank-you note.

Thank YOU!

For taking the time to read these spiritual snippets

—for your love and support, it means the world.

Thank YOU!

To all the beautiful humans that make up the Golden Collective. I love meeting with you each month and knowing that the recordings find you whenever you need the light filled processes!

Thank YOU!

For choosing to embark on the journey with your whole Sacred Soul System and to the beautiful humans who purchased the self-paced program this year - please let me know how you're finding it!

Thank YOU!

To Skye, Nadine, Toni, and Claudia, my amazing  Golden Light Graduates—our Golden Energetic Mastermind has been so potently soul-expanding and I'm excited for its evolution in 2024!

Thank YOU!

Monique and Julia for your regular presence and engagement in glorious 1:1 soul expanding sessions. I'm excited to celebrate both of you in 2024 and am so thankful for our spirit-led connection!

I am here as your personal soul guide, energetic cheerleader, and nervous system support. I meet you, whether in your personal or business life, exactly where you are. Together, we weave your future golden in glorious, unexpected, and magnificent ways. 

I am looking forward to continued growth and transformation in 2024 and beyond. 

May this week be joyous and relaxing, speak in the new year!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate X

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There's loads of way you can stay connected to soul and self during the festive season! 

"Sacred Soul System" is not just a journey; it's a celebration of your wholeness.

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Already a devoted Sacred Soul System-y? 

Join us in The Golden Collective (Join to get all of the 2023 recordings - our first live call is in FEB 2024!) 

Or send me an email to learn more about ALCHEMY, The Annual Pass 1:1 sessions or my three month Accelerate space. xxxx

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