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Our Delicate Existence

It's been nearly three years since I penned "I love and I love you" my pocket poetry book - a collection of heart space words to enlighten your spirit and nourish your soul.

One of the first poems written for the collection was called ‘Burning Little Circles’ and I felt like sharing it with you today...

Burning Little Circles

Burning little circles

Galaxies and stars

Burning little circles

The heartache and the scars

Burning little circles

Together they are one

Burning little circles

Soul Intricacies Begun

Do you have a burning desire, passion, or soul seed in need of some soul-attention? Maybe you have an untold story of heartache that needs to be shared? Perhaps you need to create, send a poem to someone special or just take a moment to ponder what a soul intricacy means to you?

We are all such vibrant, generous, creative beings! May today be a reminder of your divine worth, an acknowledgement of how precious you are, how required you are and may you let your soul sparkle a little more today!

Yours in Divine Golden Light,

Love Kate X

Explore more Soul Intricacies below...

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I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

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