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That time I wrote music! Reflection and integration and how it supports 'Our Sacred Soul System'

Hello Golden One,

A few weeks ago, my daughters were struggling to get to sleep so I suggested playing some music for them. When they couldn't agree on a song, I opened my voice memos and played a recording from October 2012.

What did I play?

Songs that I had written and recorded ten years ago!

My [amateur] stint as a singer/song writer was fleeting!

I used singing and writing as a way to relax, spiritually connect, and trust. I would sing and create and eventually was confident enough to record them [on my phone!] while strumming basic cords on my ukulele.

Choosing to play my amateur lullabies worked! Once the girls had settled into sleep, I found myself feeling called to write, reflect, and truly integrate the past ten years.

It feels divine to share what I wrote...

Dear Kate,

Do you remember that time you looked at a stage and imagined yourself booking a gig and sharing your lil tunes with the world? You were already a few months pregnant and were truly starting to feel into the infinite possibilities the world was filled with!

Can you believe that on the 29/02/2020 weeks before Australia went into a lockdown [a what now?!] and experienced the beginning of a pandemic [for real life!] you presented a whole 90minute one woman show called The Healing Trilogy - Connecting to SOUL and Celebrating YOU - it celebrated - everyone!

You showcased the three books you have written [YEP!] AND pulled cards from your very own deck "The Intuitive Oracle".

There's no way you could have imagined generating an income and consistently earning from your soul gifts, or that you would be running an inspiring soul biz while raising not one but two incredible children [you may have considered divorcing your husband when he wouldn't agree on a third].

In 2021 you chose to invest in your 1:1 coaching [you paid 6 times more than you ever had before!] Choosing to GO ALL IN meant sharing Sacred Soul System with even more people and stepped into your profession as an energetic practitioner to incredible humans - all over the world.

You most recently launched your own MASTERMIND and proudly named it - GRADUATE.

You know with your whole Sacred Soul System - why you're here and what you're here to do this lifetime. You will always ensure more and more humans are gifted the opportunity to come into the moment, to have complete and utter love for themselves and their soul - to choose to honour their "what's next", to support them in living life golden.

I'm so excited to see where the next ten years takes us.

Love Kate X

It's an absolute myth to think that we can get anywhere on our own. A programmed thought fueled by ego, insisting we don't need anyone, or that to ask for helps makes that person better than us.

Work with me if you are feeling soul aligned and ready for the next step. At the very least, gift yourself the opportunity to connect with your Sacred Soul System and learn why reflection and integration will always assist in leaning into to even more of who we are - exactly as we are.

Here's how you can say yes to your wholeness today -

GRADUATE - Energetic Mastery, the mastermind we didn't know we needed! Our first group call is coming soon - join us - extended payment plans are available!

ACCELERATE - My potent 3 month 1:1 container. For the movers and the shakers – we’ll press play on ALL that you’re ready to share with the world. There are only two spaces left for 2022

ANNUAL PASS - Gift yourself a year of potent soul accountability. There’s one space left for 2022

SACRED SPACE - Subscribe to join us for our next New Moon call, Tuesday October 25th.

SACRED SOUL SYSTEM - This incredible e-course is yours to complete at any time.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Have a beautiful week!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

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