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An energetic mastery

A Mastermind



Energetic Mastery  - The Mastermind you didn't realise you needed! 

GRADUATE promises six months of GOLDEN Masterminding.


Join for transformational guidance, energetic upgrades and unique soul support to shift your frequency and take you to places beyond your wildest dreams! 


The Golden Upgrades shared in GRADUATE promise an experience that embraces YOUR WHOLENESS and gives YOU [your biz, relationships and life!] permission to shine even brighter this lifetime.


GRADUATE is for you if- 


  • You're a Divine Soul Creative, Visionary or Soul Led Biz Boss; here for great change and ready for accelerated soul growth.

  • You're keen to live deeply fulfilled and aligned to your soul purpose and FEELING ready to receive even MORE this golden lifetime.

  • You're prepared to get out of your own way and continue to celebrate ALL you have to share with the world from your highest potential. 

  • You're seeking community and expanding along side soul aligned humans who are also willing and ready to be ALL of them - no shrinking for the sake of it!​

  • Bigger picture envisioning and full-on embodied expansion is your jam.

  • You’re done with seeking outside of yourself and would like to deepen your TRUST in self, soul, life and the universe.​​

  • You believe that you are ready to be steadfast in ALL of who you are - willing to show up, from soul, as you, for YOU - forever more.  


  • You’re ready to amplify and lean into ALL you have to share this lifetime, while truly dancing with the ebb and flows of life.

  • You're keen to master your own energetic arena in order to take YOU and your Sacred SOUL System to exactly where it deserves to be this lifetime. 

GRADUATE will not be...

  • A space for you to keep playing small with your "hobby". GRADUATE is your permission to bask in and energised ALL of what you are here to be.

  • A space for us to be stagnant. We won't be sitting still or play safe. GRADUATE will insist on actioning whatever it is your Soul requires and promises to deliver ALL the practical and energetic ways for you to do this!

GRADUATE will be your space for you to TRANSFORM and live life from your golden most highest potenial.


Feeling exhilarated?


Ready to trust and truly show the world

all of who and what you’re here to be?!

Take the golden and very quantum leap and say yes to receiving ALL the energetic codes required to GRADUATE  into

Living Life Golden with Kate Darnell.  


– 6 Months of amplified soul support and golden upgrades with Kate Darnell and the perfect mix of other enlightened and aligned humans! 

– 1 x 1:1 Golden Immersion Call to kickstart our time together and immediately GRADUATE you into living life golden. 

– 2 x 30-minute laser-coaching sessions per month for the full five months.

– Unlimited VOXER support.

– A private facebook group for our mastermind discussions and your personal Masterclass sharing!

– Fortnightly Recorded Group Coaching Calls via zoom – alternating between – Unique GRADUATE transmissions delivered by With Kate Darnell's "Energetic Trilogy Templates" and Q&A Coaching Calls.

– Complete energetic support for the entire time of your journey.

– Complimentary access to the Sacred Soul System E-Course and Sacred Space NEW MOON call as well as a monthly Full Moon transmission every month for the duration of GRADUATE

– 20% off With Kate Darnell Signature Offerings during your time in GRADUATE.


Accessible payment plans.

Feeling Excited?


Start a soul aligned chat HERE


or dive in by completing this enquiry/application


Let's GRADUATE into living life golden [even more] not because we "SHOULD" but because we know it's exactly what our Soul is ready for! 

I'm so excited to be welcoming you into GRADUATE soon! 

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