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Do you find yourself feeling like life isn't on your side? 


Do you get to the end of the day feeling frazzled or discontent? 


Does fear or stress stop you from living life to your fullest?


There are no coincidences! Sacred Soul System is here to help you live your life with ease and grace!


A self-guided golden e-course that will help you completely back yourself and live the wholeness that is you! 


If you are seeking an easier, more abundant, relaxed and chilled life this 9 week course has been created especially for you. Simply listen to the recordings and work through the booklet at a time and space that works for you! 


Sacred Soul System will share simple steps and learnings that will help you


  • Make time for you
  • Prioritise a nurturing and nourishing life
  • Navigate stress and fear &
  • Live a more relaxed and golden life.


Investing in this e-course offers you an opportunity to press play on living your life wholeheartendly.


The nine recordings and journal prompts will help you engage in the topics at a pace that works for you and your Soul!


Kate clearly guides and supports you in taking more time and making more space (yes - it really does exsist!) so that you can live to experience a happy, rich, dream-filled and content life -! 


"Press Play" on your happily ever after - today! 


$220.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price
  • Once purchased you'll recieve a link to a PDF document which includes 9 weekly themes and discourses for you to work through with accompanying soul prompts and journal pages. 

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