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A Golden Opportunity to Align and Prosper

It's easy to say that we’ll rise above, surrender, and let go - it's another thing to truly live and do it!

Equally, we can convince ourselves that we’re ok to do something on our own, while all the time every single one of us has arrived earth-side thanks to at least TWO people - right?!

Solitude (as soul nourishing as it can be) will only ever get us so far!

Many of my community already feel aligned and at peace with their Sacred Soul System (I'm so here for ALL the upgrades!), however if you’re reading this and are at a place where you’re feeling...

· Isolated, unheard, not seen

· Desperate for more time

· Frustrated and depleted at the end of the day

· Counting down the days until your next holiday

· Trapped or discontent

· Resisting support


· Convincing yourself you can get there on your own but can't quite trust in your inner compass and divine intuition...

Keep reading - I'm certain this special offer is for YOU!

Previously known as Moon Magic, Sacred Space is a Moon Intention space that offers divine energetic guidance and spiritual support.

Each moon cycle we are met at our evolution, as a soul AND entire being.

Here, we have an opportunity to embrace exactly where we’re at, meeting ourselves exactly where we need to be!

This space is so powerful that we have long standing members that have said yes since the very beginning and have now experienced golden upgrades for over 50 moon cycles!

Sacred Space supports us all in aligning and working with the cycles of the moon. This is a space where businesses have been birthed, relationship wounds healed, homes purchased, overseas moves embraced, hundreds of creative projects shared, products launched, investments in self and soul made! Divine souls have moved through and honoured their grief, upgraded, and shed BS/limiting stories; members have navigated break ups, healed through trauma, recovered from illness - you name it, it’s very likely we’ve covered it in Sacred Space!

In the energy of the recent new moon (the final full moon cycle for 2022) I wanted to spread the love and create a special offer that will help you join us - so that you too can feel at peace with exactly where you’re at.

Here’s an opportunity to embrace your wholeness, get clear on your desires and honour the whispers of your soul.

Here we will embrace all things 2023 and your evolution each month and beyond!

Your special offer includes...

· A BONUS 1:1 Golden Immersion to kickstart your time in Sacred Space and to get clear of your intentions for FREE (Usually only available as a 4week Golden Immersion for $444)

· Monthly New Moon Intention Group Sessions

· Full Moon transmissions

· Private FB group entry

· Recordings of ALL the group calls and Full Moon Transmissions

· Discount and special invites to ALL WKD offerings

Join us for THE LOW PRICE OF $110 per month (usually $220)

or say yes and save even more with an annual upfront payment of $998 (SAVE $1500)

You’ll also receive this month's FULL MOON transmission AND will be welcomed into the space ready to align and prosper for our special and final new moon call for 2022, on DEC 23rd - YAY!

Sacred Space will sing to your soul if ...

· You’re a Divine Soul Leader (in your own divine right) here for great change, accelerated soul growth and ready to live a life deeply fulfilled and aligned to your soul purpose.

· You love community and expanding alongside kindred souls who are willing and ready to be more of ALL of them - no shrinking for the sake of it!

· You’re feeling called to radically love all of you, embrace the dark, the light and truly step into being ALL of who you’re here to be.

· Bigger picture envisioning and expansion are your jam

· You’re ready to trust in the Golden Light that will move us all forward as we embrace this precious life together​

· You’re ready to embrace no “going back” or "being stuck"...

· You believe you’re ready to be steadfast in ALL of who you are - willing to show up, from soul, as you, for YOU - forever more.

Beautiful soul... Subscribe here if you’re feeling that Sacred Space is exactly what you’re ready for or save even more via the UPFRONT PAYMENT LINK

I can't wait to engage with even more aligned souls and welcome you into Sacred Space as we adventure into 2023 and beyond - together.

Have a beautiful week!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS All Annual Pass and Graduate members are granted complimentary access to Sacred if you’re feeling ready for exceptional soul alignment and upgrades - message me about these truly exceptional spaces!

PPS If Sacred Space doesn't feel like your thing - next week's email will be back to share a special Sacred Soul System offering (and a recent soul elevating experience I had) - I'm certain you’ll LOVE it!

PPPS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPPPS I am always so thankful to YOU! Thank you for being here AND reading till the end! I love YOU! You are so GOLDEN! X

Love Kate xoxo

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