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Polarity Perspective

Hello Golden Light,

When we explore the intricate dance between the extremes, we can find a divine liberation in the midst of life's polarities


When my soul and I discovered the concept of polarity, life became more liberating!

Sacred Soul System helps us find solace in surrendering to the present moment, week four is all about acknowledging that it's the extreme differences that make us [the world] whole.

Where was this reminder six weeks ago?!?

Life has a funny way of revealing its lessons at just the right time. In this week's recording, we'll delve into the essence of polarity, embracing its challenges and opportunities.

We will navigate our emotions and take positive action!

When we lean into the polarity of our emotions or [perhaps even what is going on in the world], we will likely find ourselves acknowledging tension, fear, trauma, and horror. Yet, in doing so, we open ourselves to what exists on the other side of these intense experiences.

This is not about toxic positivity or ignoring life's realities. Instead, it's a mindful exercise that allows us to meet ourselves in a sweet middle place. Here, our nervous system can take whatever positive action we/it needs, enabling us to feel whole and embracing exactly where we are.

This week, we are reminded to lean into the wisdom that lies in the extremes. I wonder if it can bring you a harmonious balance of acknowledging the shadows and basking in the golden light?

Have a go and let me know!

Let's explore the sweet middle place and our wholeness together!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate X

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