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Reflection and Celebration!

Hello Golden Light,

Four years ago today, on the 29th of February 2020 and weeks before a nationwide shutdown due to the global pandemic, I wrote and performed a 90-minute live show called “The Healing Trilogy”.

I still can’t quite believe that so many incredible humans joined me as I shared my words and soul guidance through this performance. A performance which was a combination of soul process, readings from my three books, and some serious, heartfelt shares [you can listen to the show here].

Many of the poems and guided messages poured through my fingertips in the dark with a baby and toddler in my lap or not far away, and tonight I’m drafting this on my phone, back leaning comfortably on a pillow beside Lulu - although she now sprawls across the entire bed, her little snores still melt me…

I find it a novelty to speculate where my performance could have taken me next had we not gone into lockdown or experienced pandemic palaver, but my heart hum, and the wholeness of my sacred soul system knows I am exactly where I need to be.

And as I prepare my next book and plan to take that show on the road, there’s one significant difference:




While I have huge dreams and aspirations for my soul’s gifts and work in this lifetime, I mainly like to take my time to truly appreciate the little things, which become simpler over time: sparkling water, time under the stars serenaded by the crickets, comfy cotton sheets...soul bliss…

Before I schedule this little note and prepare to celebrate four years since the Healing Trilogy (I’ll be holding a free women’s circle at the WKC this evening), I’d love for your responses to the following questions:

Were you at the 2020 show?

Would you like to join me at the next one?

Or perhaps you’re one of the very few who will be joining me in my next offering, ALCHEMY!?

This really could be your next best thing! ALCHEMY will be calling forth myself and a maximum of eight other golden lights, so be sure to message me if you sense one of these spaces is for you.

Sending ALL my love and appreciation for YOU! 

In Golden light,

Love Kate X

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