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A heart share...

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Golden Light!

I'm typing this an hour later than when my usual email would find you.

I'm not entirely sure what I have to share; I just know that I'm being guided to close my eyes and type from my heart.

So here goes...

I'm going to share how the past fortnight has been tumultuous but also tremendous. It's been awe-inspiring and deeply connective as well as sad, at times lonely and frustrating. Sacred Soul System would call this - the POLARITY!

I'm going to share that my maternal grandmother, Dorothy, will continue to keep doctors guessing with the way she is able to be energised by people and make remarkable [you have 12 hours to live] recoveries. How Lulu (that's my youngest daughter for those playing at home) insisted that Old Nan just needed a rest; that she would return to her usual home soon. I will share that Lulu was indeed so very right and Nan is resting in her familiar care facility, settled and still here - for now!

I'm going to share how the no vote shocked me, shook me, rattled my world. While I know a handful of people sought change via a "progressive no" the majority of our nation said no out of fear, from pure in-built racism and ignorance [seriously, my algorithm had me so hopeful and deluded!] and I still can not discern how best to help our first nation's people or even begin to imagine how I can best help heal the further deepened wounds that have been caused by this great divide [perhaps the first step is sharing this]. I will also share, that I am thankful for the conversations I have had in my shock and grief; the most humbling being with brave Aboriginal people who had hoped for a yes but are determine to move forward for better outcomes regardless. I'm going to share how in less than an hours time, I will host our golden collective call; just as I am writing from heart now with spirit and soul guiding me - I will share whatever needs to be communicated with our golden collective ensuring we move forward in deep peace, connection and golden healing.

Finally, I'm going to ask you to share...close your eyes and type...what's on your mind and in your heart? How are you?

Are you taking deep care of yourself and honouring whatever you need in any given moment? [it truly is one of the most awe-inspiring and extraordinary ways to live]

Yours in very honest and heart giving golden light,

Love Kate X

And because this is already here - I'm going to share how you can support me and my biz by allowing me to best support you via...

Join us in The Golden Collective (our next call is LESS THAN an hour away!)

Or send me an email to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

Thanks for being YOU! X

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