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Allowing messages to find us exactly when they need to.

Golden Light!

Yep, you've got me! Lions Gate was a couple of weeks ago! However, the message that came through is one of potency and did not want to be dismissed. So I'm sharing it here as a divine reminder and an invitation to truly acknowledge feeling on "the other side" of things.

On the other side of this month's Lion Gate Portal, 8/8/23, I found myself feeling incredibly liberated and channeling messages about the ego...

Drenched in winter sun and enjoying the spaciousness of an intentional morning, I wrote these words...

Ego will argue

Ego will compare, compete and rage

Ego will resist, twist and turn


Ironically ego will forget to healthily - self reflect

Truly honour a perspective of love







You don’t know

I know

I’m right

You’re wrong

Ego points and points

And points and points and points

Until it doesn’t

Until it can’t

Suddenly there is sweet surrender

Let’s try that again




There’ll be

Sweet surrender

Swords finally laid to rest

Peace within




Ego won’t allow such frequency to truly settle like

Heart will

Soul will

You will

Ego will, and can serve us with a simple request for it not to rule

What's your relationship with ego? Has it been loud and pointy recently? Perhaps you’ve felt challenged by someone else's ego?

Maybe there's been a moment when it was suddenly very clear to you that it was time to ask ego to take a back seat?

Perhaps - like me - you were on the brink of celebration of coming through the other side of something [thanks to Lions Gate] and that suddenly the acknowledgment, awareness, and acceptance of exactly where you found yourself was more than enough?

After all, we’re all incredibly unique, divine, extraordinary humans and shaking things up [especially by breaking up with ego!] can be an amazing way to feel lighter, brighter, and ready for whatever is waiting for you next!

I love you and I love you!

In Golden light,

Love Kate xoxo Break up with ego and celebrate your wholeness via...

The Golden Collective (Our next call is Wednesday September 6th)

ENERGETIC MASTERMIND - GRADUATE ... - contact me if you'd like all the previous recordings and to join this sacred and very golden space!

Or contact me to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

Love Kate X

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