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Appreciating Soul Connection!

My family and I missed over 100 "Salty Soul Nourishment" opportunities [Friday night picnics with our besties] due to bushfires, floods and of course the pandemic!

In previous years, we’d lovingly meet our soul friends on stunning Biripi country, at a place us locals affectionally call "Salty". A few weeks ago, after many weekends of paused picnics, we finally got to reunite there.

The best bit, we were gifted a warm spring afternoon which delivered a liberating and joyful experience for us all. Our whole hearts expanded, and our souls felt at complete peace.

I was reminded of just how much we all need this kind of nourishment. There are so many valid reasons as to why we may have forgotten to make family connection and moments in nature - a soul non-negotiable. There are so many reasons why this kind of soul non-negotiable contribute to our unique soul brilliance! I remembered how much of the Healing Trilogy had been written on the other side of these soul connecting experiences, I found myself integrating my own soul growth and expansion!

I was reminded to acknowledge that part of ourselves that we forget to coin as extraordinary, worthy, and so required this lifetime and I allowed myself to celebrate just how far I'd come and just how much more I was ready for!

This reminder was the soul nourishment I needed to integrate and connect with my Sacred Soul System - even more! A reminder that the simple act of connecting to nature with family and friends can help us to claim and celebrate our brilliance! A brilliance that will support us in leaving a soul legacy this lifetime and beyond.

Let's support and remind one another to take time for whatever it is that our Sacred Soul System requires to feel resourced and nourished!

Perhaps the simplicity of an afternoon picnic will be popped onto your priority list this week?

If you’re seeking soul support and spiritual guidance to discern *exactly* what it is your soul needs AND that will meet you exactly where you’re at - in your divine wholeness - it would be a golden gift to work with YOU!

AND this week I would love to share the opportunity for you to take the steps using the support of the SACRED SOUL SYSTEM E-COURSE - simply use code SALTYSOUL and enjoy 50% off - for this week only - let your soul besties know too!

Or as always, reply to this email to find out what 1:1 spaces are waiting for you to say yes to in 2023!

Have a beautiful week.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together! Tag me in your Soul Nourishing Picnics! @with_kate_darnell

Love Kate xoxo

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