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Birthday Eve Frivolities!

Golden Light!

I could hardly share last week's blog about celebration and not mention my birthday this week! Especially as tomorrow will mark my 40th lap around the SUN!

I am so excited!

Last November, while packing for our momentous move into our forever family home, I found myself revising journals from 20 years ago. These faded yet vibrant books shared candid pages on how I had conflicting feelings of peace in my choice to be studying teaching while still holding a tension in my soul - one that simply said - that I was here to do something else.

The journals went on to share that I wanted to help people, to spread positivity, to ensure that as many people as possibly knew just how incredible they/we all are!

My mouth gaped when I read them. I had completely forgotten that even at age 20 I was already determined to live out a legacy beyond a mainstream classroom - and here we are!

It gives me such deep and joyous pleasure to be writing and celebrating my 40th birth year with you all and I’m immensely proud to truly feel into the glee that I’m managing a soul nourishing and inspiring heart led business that brings joy, lightness and infinite possibilities into people's lives every single day!

Is this real life?!?

I know that feeling fabulous doesn't always come easy to us humans, especially when we feel like we’re doing the work, connecting to soul and healing through all kinds of real-life BS, so as my little gift to each of us, I'm sharing 40 of my favourite ways to feel fabulous! This list will hopefully remind us all to take a moment to feel a little more joy, to add some lightness and smile!

40 Ways to Feel Fabulous

1. Bake a cake (ice it, share it, enjoy it!)

2. Binge watch a favourite TV show (if you haven’t already, add Schitts Creek to your “must view” list - hilarious and loving comfort TV at its best!)

3. Bird watch

4. Call a friend

5. Clean/Clear a space

6. Cloud gaze

7. Count the leaves on a tree

8. Create a vision board

9. Create daily affirmations or mantras that make you feel good

10. Dance

11. Do a random act of kindness

12. Craft

13. Garden

14. Go to a gig

15. Go to the beach or visualise being at a beach or in nature

16. Have a facial

17. Have a picnic

18. Have a relaxing bath or refreshing shower

19. Journal (write yourself a love letter)

20. Make a mock-tail

21. Make fairy bread

22. Manicure and Pedicure Magic is calling you

23. Meditate

24. Paint

25. Plan a party

26. Pull some oracle cards

27. Set a physical challenge

28. Share a secret

29. Sing out loud

30. Snuggle with a pet

31. Sponsor a child or support your favourite animal refuge

32. Swim

33. Take a hike

34. Take yourself on a date (fancy clothes a must)

35. Tell someone you love them

36. Visit a library

37. Visit the elderly

38. Volunteer

39. Watch adorable animal vids on YouTube

40. Write and share a poem

Each item from the list has the ability to support us in connecting to the power of the moment and connect to the wholeness of my Sacred Soul System (yep, even a good date with your coach and a fav TV show can help!). Which ones do you already do?

Hopefully there'll be something on the list to help you feel fabulous today!

Wishing you the most joyous, celebratory, and connected day.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together! Perhaps you could share this list with one of your favs, or maybe you'll include a pic of you feeling fabulous! If you do, tag me @with_kate_darnell and remember you are always welcome to hit reply to this email if you'd like to share via email!

Sending golden light!

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