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Find your POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY - through the rest!

Golden Light!

If you listened to last week's podcast you would’ve heard me gasp when I realised I’d been consistently writing and sharing content for my weekly newsletter for over four and a half years! wonder I received a very strong heart, soul and spirt led message to take a break over the festive season - It’s been so golden - to say the least!

And the best bit - the itty bitty (but oh so spacious break!) gave me the clarity and connection required to ensure I’m staying true to my heart hum [AND sacred soul system] in order to deliver only the BEST and most valuable content to YOU, my very BEST and most golden community!

I know, I bang on about the importance of rest and the "productivity in the pause" ALL.the.time! It's because it's such a golden truth - there is so much productivity in taking a break and some intentional rest! Golden Quality really does come from experiencing true and real pause, AND you will absolutely FEEL more aligned, ready and accomplished when you resist the deeply programmed notion to keep going and choose to allow YOUR body, heart and soul to lead.

Choosing to acknowledge the whispers, nudges or often the slaps that are begging for you and your Sacred Soul System to slow down, and listen to what it is you really need and truly desire REALLY will ensure ALL is working out for you - exactly as it needs too!

Taking a two-week writing hiatus was not something on my radar. I had "planned" on having my content all written and wrapped in a tiny bow so that it was ready to "consistently" be shared with you from the first week of Jan - my heart had other Sacred Soul System said "this just isn’t going to work".

The best bit, I could take my time to really celebrate me and my Sacred Soul System and if you follow my socials, you may have caught me sharing how I was determined to take my time and celebrate our 2022 wins EVEN more - I even had a chance to enter one of my chapters from Womb Hymn into an Anthology - if you haven't seen the post yet or voted you can show your support HERE!

I truly know and trust that proper pause and rest will continue to allow more space for me to serve each of you too! So, remember, if you’re seeking Soul Guidance and support in mastering the energetics of your Sacred Soul System - I would love to speak with you! Don't forget there are many incredible ways you can work with me to step into your brilliance and live life golden! Activate your Sacred Soul System via The Sacred Soul System E-Course, come hang with us in Sacred Space, experience a 4 week Golden Immersion, join my three month ACCELERATE or dive in and come play for an entire year via THE ANNUAL PASS!

I'm so ready to fully support you and the energetics of your soul this year and beyond - I trust we will work together exactly when we need to! Wishing you the most joyous, restful, and spiritually connected day.

In Golden Light, Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together!

How can you make space for more rest and pause? I would love to hear from you. DM @with_kate_darnell or reply to this email with your thoughts! Golden Hugs!

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