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Finding your Flow...

The rug has been pulled out from beneath our feet, many of us are suddenly at home, have lost (or less) income and have our children at home 24/7. We have limited to no contact with our family and friends - with the outside world whatsoever - oh, and there's a virus out in the world that has been spreading fast and causing death. Perhaps you are an essential worker, working endlessing to keep the world afloat? Whatever your situation, our world has become a real-life science-fiction movie, except it's not fiction, it's really happening. No wonder so many people are feeling stressed out, scared and frustrated.

It's very likely that things in your life are feeling incredibly out of alignment, below are 5 GBTS ways to find and connect to your flow.

"Living in flow" refers to simply connecting to breath and believing in YOU allowing your day/life to be revealed to you one moment at a time. Flow is about honouring the situation that you are in and embracing exactly where you are at, in any given moment. It's been proven that coming into the moment can help minimise outside stress and allow you to feel a little more calm and "in control" - despite external factors. Giving yourself the time and space to find this flow will allow you to honour what you (and your family need). It can free you from anxiety, doubt and fear. It can free you of sabotage, sadness, anger and rage.

So how do we find find our flow? Experiment with these are 5 simple suggestions which promise to help you feel more at peace and move forward in flow.

1. Surrendering and connecting to heart space:

Taking an intentional pause and journeying to our heart space will allow us to find sanctuary where it is safe for us to embrace all of us and find peace in the moment. Surrendering to this moment allows us to release the expectations and pressures that we are placing on ourselves (and others), it allows us to "take stock", of our role in the very moment that is right now. Placing hands on heart space and taking an intentional breath can allow us to approach situations from a place of peace and calm.

2. Keeping life simple:

Creating simple daily routines and practices (that can be flexible) will help you find a flow. A simple moment for you, such as a morning or evening herbal tea, lighting a candle or some incense or even doing some simple morning stretches are a wonderful ways that can help you connect to you and come into your flow.

A quick note for the parents who have suddenly found themselves attempting some kind of "home-schooling". A massive part of home schooling is having a authentic flow that honours your child. Lower all expectations and create simple structures that bring joy and peace into your family lives. Be sure to speak with the school if the workload is overwhelming for you or your child.

3. Speaking up:

Not only is it important to clearly articulate your needs and boundaries, we can use our voice physically to sing, chant, phone your friends, to express ourselves creatively, to let off some steam and to share our thoughts, fears and worries too. Be aware of your self talk and the dialogue of stress and worry that you may be's save to express all of you - tune into heart space and allow your voice to lead.

4. Getting outside:

Getting outside will help ground your energy and allow you to tune into what you need, without pressure or expectation. There is a patch of nature waiting to support you. If you are contained inside - seek solitude by daydreaming/gazing at the sky, tune into the weather patterns, lose yourself to the messages of natures - they present to us in many ways.

5. Taking time for you:

I know it may not feel all that possible or easy at the moment but taking sneaky pockets of time for you, whenever you can - even if it is just ten (or three!) minutes will be very beneficial and will help you trust in the moment and allow your day to unfold exactly as it needs too. Pop on a podcast, the new Gumboots By The Sea Podcast is awesome and provides very chilled and easy listening, it's available on spotify and apple podcast too or play some music , move your body - have a dance.

Most importantly lean into the love and the joy that is all's so safe to take a pause and trust in you.

Feel like you need more support to find your flow and deepen your connection to heart space and soul? Book your 1:1 GBTS session and prepare to find and embrace your flow.

Love Kate X

Image by Fuu Ju

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