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Gratitude times 100!

Connecting to our heart-hum helps, heals and harmonises...

Hello Golden Light,

Today I’m sharing my heartfelt thanks to all the incredible souls who showered me with love in response to my soul led and unedited email last week.

The outpouring of support from so many of you [over a hundred golden lights opened that email 😱] left me feeling deeply touched and incredibly humbled.

Thank you especially to those who generously took a moment to reply. Each of you and your unique shares were nothing short of awe-inspiring.

I love you all so deeply and dearly.

Last week’s heart share reminded me of exactly why I chose to live from heart - showing up via the wholeness of my Sacred Soul System - whatever and however that means in any given moment 🤯.

It reminded me that my soul will always guide me back to living my wholeness via my Sacred Soul System [and highlighted that this is exactly what I’m here to do as your soul-guide 💞].

So this week’s heart share is a massive thank you AND an invitation for you to join me in the energy of Week 1 - Sacred Soul System. Where we Keep it Simple; Connect to Heart Hum and lean into what we value.

The first recording of Sacred Soul System guides you to connect with heart and unlock incredible healing in truly harmonising ways!

If you have already purchased the Sacred Soul System E-COURSE; I urge you to press play on the first of nine recordings - where we breathe and begin again. If you've been waiting for a sign to begin...this email is it - purchase the e-course here.

[& next week I’ll stop by and remind you to tune into week two]

I’m here for you and look forward to seeing who is going to revisit or say yes to living their wholeness via the essence of their Sacred Soul System this week! In Golden Light,

Love Kate X

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