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Have negative thoughts been taking up your precious 'YOU TIME'?

Golden Light!

Have you ever got to the end of the day only to find yourself replaying a conversation or situation over and over again? Perhaps you’ve been mindlessly scrolling when a particular post sparks strange and/or negative whole body responses - feelings of frustration or comparisonitis begin to make your blood boil.

Your whole body is suddenly on "high alert", there are pins and needles in your hands, your stomach is in knots, your throat is tight.

You just want to scream!

It may be a fleeting experience, it may last for minutes or even longer, either way these are usually the times when you’ve handed over your magnificence to someone or something else and forgotten to tune in to the whispers of your soul [the wholeness of your Sacred Soul System].

If you find yourself questioning your brilliance and giving any part of yourself to someone or something else [in a way that has your anxiety at an all-time high!] the steps we explore in my 9 Week e-course - Sacred Soul System - may be exactly what you need to call back your magnificence and claim ALL that’s available for you in this lifetime.

The Sacred Soul System E-COURSE is made up of three sections...

  • Sacred - aligning to our heart and figuring out what is truly important to us.

  • Soul - tuning into and acknowledging our soul speak and connection.

  • System - integrating ways into our lives that allow us to live our wholeness - unapologetically!

Purchase the course and you also get to play along live! This week I shared a video exploring the concepts from the first week of the course and I’ll continue to be your personal accountability coach every week as we tap into to our wholeness and stop handing over our energy to other people, situations or events!

I'm so excited to be working with you!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Did you resonate with these messages? Let me know, or share this post with someone who may love this message too! Every share and reply helps grow our Golden and connected community! Thank YOU!

Sending all my love! X

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