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Have you been reacting? Has it been worth it?

Golden Light!

As complex beings, even the most enlightened and compassionate humans have tough tantrum days!

If you’ve found yourself frustrated, exasperated or about to completely "lose it", here's a question you can ask which might just help you instantly!

Any guesses as to what it is?

Is this worry, thought, frustration or power struggle really aligned with my values? In other words... Does this issue REALLY matter to me?

You will very quickly get a "YES" or "NO". Then once you’re back in the present moment, you’ll be able to discern your next steps and move through the emotion that’s showing up for you.

Perhaps a conversation needs to be had. Maybe it's as simple as asking if you’ve had enough rest/food/time for yourself, perhaps a boundary’s been over stepped or maybe there's a dip in your energy for an entirely different reason.

Asking this simple question can support you in returning to the present moment and aligning with your soul. This is why getting clear on our values is one of the first things we explore in the Sacred Soul System ECOURSE.

The ‘Sacred Soul System’ ECourse is broken into three sections

  • Sacred - aligning to our heart and figuring out what is truly important to us.

  • Soul - tuning into and acknowledging our soul speak and connection.

  • System - integrating ways into our lives that allow us to live our wholeness - Unapologetically!

This month you can purchase the Sacred Soul System E-Course and join me for a FREE weekly live which will act as a little reminder and accountability for anyone who isn't motivated to press play on the recordings or do the course on their own!

Whether you’ve already purchased the course or if you’re keen to do so now (it's on my site ready to purchase at a heavily discounted price!) I’ll be showing up live on my socials (and sharing the recording afterwards!) for a 20 minute weekly hello and reminder to engage with the course and get the most out of living life golden via the wholeness of our sacred soul system!

I hope to see you there!

Are you keen to hang out with a group of golden lights TODAY?

The second golden collective call begins in just a few hours, JOIN HERE to spend an hour with a group of like-minded and loving humans - seeking more peace!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Did you resonate with this message? Let me know or share this post with someone who might love this message too! Every share and message helps us celebrate our Sacred Soul System and grow our Golden and connected community!

Thank YOU!

Sending all my love! X

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