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Hocus Pocus!

Before my Poppo died I explained to him that I would speak to him when he passed, I suggested to him that I could be his funeral celebrant, I assured him that both him and my grandmother could speak with me when they meet together in the spiritual world...

“Hocus Pocus Kate – Hocus Pocus”, he replied with a smirk.

A month later, I was my grandfather’s funeral celebrant. I was told by a local reiki healer that my grandfather would be with me watching from the trees, he was. My sisters and I threw pieces of rose quartz into his grave – “Hocus Pocus, Poppo” – I said lovingly.

You see, my grandfather didn’t conform to a christian or spiritual faith and he certainly did not believe in a world beyond the physical one. While I had known this my whole life, I didn’t realise that my great grandmother owned and read a crystal ball and was quite spiritual. I found this out only a few months before my grandfather passed, it was in 2017, when GBTS was only a year in and sharing my spiritual gifts with the world was still very new.

A local soul sister had booked me to do a meditation and spiritual release for her and a group of her friends, we did a lovely release ceremony just around the corner from my grandfather’s house, so I made a point to drop in for tea afterwards.

“And where have you been” My Poppo asks with a glint of love in his eyes

“Poppo, I’ve been at work, I just completed a spiritual meditation for a beautiful group of people around the corner”

“You what?! Paid work?”

He was flabbergasted!

“Remember, my work, Gumboots By The Sea” I replied

He laughed – “that’s really your work? What happened to teaching…”

“I’m teaching my way now Poppo”, I replied…

His face wrinkled into a smile, “My mother use to do that hocus pocus rubbish too, perhaps it IS hereditary…”

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!” I was shocked and joyful!

“Geeeze Poppo, this excites me…tell me more…”

But I could tell that Poppo was processing something…perhaps even considering that either his granddaughter was as insane as his mother (what was this world coming too) OR there’s something to this spiritual hocus pocus after all.

I’m so thankful for that divine afternoon, I pulled Poppo and myself some cards, my dad was there too and we spoke about the messages of the cards. I pulled Poppo the endings card, which wasn’t surprising, he passed only months later. We spoke openly about death and his life coming to an end, we pulled the love card, I got to tell him that I love him deeply and dearly. I am so thankful that my spirit led work provided me with this precious moment.

Beyond the physical world, my Poppo visits my sisters in the form of a kookaburra. For me, I see him - clearly leaning against a tree and sitting beside me right now as I write this.

The "non-believer" smirks as I share my voice with the world in a way that makes his eyes roll. He is with me, without a doubt. He loves the words I share, the messages of love and the way I help people feel whole. Almost daily he tells me how my “showing up – surprises him and pleases him”

He still swears he doesn’t believe in spirit or the afterlife...who am I to argue?! In spirit there is no space for argument, there is only space for love, A love that is birthed through a connection to your own power to trust and believe in all of YOU.

Besides - My Poppo, after all, was a huge fan of irony ❤️

My connection to spirit sessions are unique in that they bring your loved ones through in a way for you to connect today and always. You can book your unique session here….

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