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Implement these simple 'Energetic Checkpoints'!

Golden Light!

Let's take a quick moment to appreciate the word - Kerfuffle - Say it out loud a few times and it'll likely make you smile! It can often sum up those feelings of overwhelm; so today I wanted to share some ways you can check in with YOU when you’re feeling all...


Feeling as if you’re in a kerfuffle may have you dulling your brilliance and forgetting to love on ALL of you and the wholeness of your SOUL [what I like to refer to as your Sacred Soul System]!

Here's what you can do when you find yourself in a KERFUFFLE...

  • Connect to nature. Take a walk, sit in sunshine, meditate - breathe and be.

  • Journal. Take out a pen and simply see what comes out...I like to refer to this as "free writing". You'll be surprised what clarity comes through when you hand over your thoughts to the pen.

  • Reach out! So many people LOVE you and are here to support you! Who can you send a message to and share your kerfuffle feels with? Perhaps you have a bestie who’s feeling them too!

  • Join spaces like the Golden Collective - Online group spaces are a wonderful way to feel supported, seen and heard! Our next call is just two weeks away - join now to receive your very special (and free) Golden Collective tote bag as my extra gift to you!

  • Participate in the Sacred Soul System e-course – This program is designed to provide you with the steps to align to your wholeness and celebrate the magnificence of who you already are!

  • Book the new DAY PASS WITH KATE DARNELL offering - That's right - this very special offering is here for anyone willing to truly shift gears and gain divine soul clarity in their life and/business!


Each suggestion promises an opportunity for you to take the time to CHOOSE the direction of your Energy and have you feeling less kerfuffle-d!

Are you ready to look for the gold, seek the opportunities and feel less in a kerfuffle?

Any one of the above options will support you if you’re....

  • A little unsure of your "What's next?"

  • Feel as if you're constantly seeking.

  • Often frustrated and feeling stagnated.

  • Ignoring the energetics of your soul.

I'm so excited to be connecting with you soon!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

A quick reminder...

Here comes...


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There's currently a YES PLEASE offer and a chance to say yes to a very special Annual Pass and Graduate package, which is jam packed with SO much value - think unlimited soul guidance and support, access to golden processes that put your energy first and see you winning at life with endless opportunities to live life golden!

GRADUATE and The Annual Pass gives you the chance to dive into living life golden and allowing the support of a unique Soul Guide and Leading Energetic practitioner [that's ME!] to empower you in your life and biz!


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