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In a funk? Gift yourself this moment....

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hello Golden One,

Being in your "Trust Flow” and that "when you know" feeling can be all well and good until [as humans] we’re presented with the polarity of such a bliss! Whoops!

So… this week, I'm here to acknowledge all the muddy "WTF" feels - EW!

I recently experienced a brief stint of this myself, so I was reminded to speak to what I do when it begins to feel like nothing is aligned and working out for us (Hint: everything IS always working out for us!).

I'll get in the nitty gritty of this over on the podcast but what I’d ultimately been reminded of was -

  • Our need to always, always, always...keep it simple!

  • The importance of returning to our breath (and the frequency of heart hum)

  • Making space to come back to you (and your Sacred Soul System!)

  • Remembering our worthiness - consistently and at all times!

When it all feels too much, we’re so quick to "spiritually bypass", blame the universe and forget to look at our very human role of "playing" in this lifetime.

The simple mindful practices shared above can be the first things to go!

Where can you make the time to gently keep it simple and return to you?

Where can you trust that by doing this you’ll be supported, loved, and nurtured even more?

In Golden Light,

Love Kate x

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