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Intentional living and showing up... Exactly when and how we need to.

Golden Light!

Woweeeeeeee, it's been a time - Three months in my role as Women Kind Collective Coordinator and I've also picked up various bits of work [opportunities to show up in my wholeness] via Manning Valley Neighborhood Services!

When it comes to being of soul service and showing up in my wholeness; my most favourite place to show up is RIGHT HERE, with my With Kate Darnell community. Sharing soul guidance, spiritual processes, and the opportunity for each of us to live our wholeness via our Sacred Soul System!

It’s been incredible to experience showing up elsewhere alongside trusting in the flow and allowing all!

I’ve found myself reflecting on how I’ve managed to wholeheartedly show up, and I couldn't help but feel that some or you may appreciate a bit of support in your role of wearing ‘many hats’, while still showing up in your wholeness...

Here's three things the past three months have taught me...

1. Intention // Setting clear and loving intentions for myself, family and work allows me to continue to trust and feel into the support of the universe.

2. Boundaries // Saying no, switching the phone off and truly believing it's safe to allow all things to flow in divine timing, ensures all needs/roles are met on a deep soul level.

3. Self-Care // I've been getting even more intimate with my cycle. [Totally recommend Lucy Peach's book Period Queen] This has helped me to honour exactly what my Sacred Soul System requires - EVEN MORE!

The biggest lesson of all???

Perhaps living life GOLDEN [and unapologetically!] via our Sacred Soul System isn't actually about wearing ‘many hats’, but more about acknowledging the various roles we have AND the ability to show up in them WHEN we live our wholeness via our Sacred Soul System??? I wonder if you're ready or in need of energetically taking time for yourself, connecting to soul and living your wholeness?


Grab the Sacred Soul System E-COURSE for just $55 and watch you and your soul align and soar into living, being and breathing your wholeness - multiple hats and all!

I love you and I love you!

In Golden light,

Love Kate xoxo

It would be such a treat to see you in

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Or contact me to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

Love Kate X

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