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It's so safe to Celebrate YOU!

I'm rarely one to shy away from finding a reason to celebrate but I'm sure we’ve ALL experienced easily rushing past occasions with little to no acknowledgement.

Perhaps we’ve found ourselves "finally" reaching a goal only to begin craving a "what's next", forgetting to truly celebrate exactly where we are right now or to reflect on what it took to "get us there".

I found myself doing this last month and wrote about it on my socials.

Here's what I shared...

For many reasons I've discovered that it’s easy for me to forget to take the time to truly CELEBRATE both minor and major life accomplishments AND for someone who loves celebrating - that’s hard to admit!

Over the years of running a soul biz I especially discovered how quickly I would want to begin the next thing! I wrote the healing trilogy, turned it into a one woman show, created the Intuitive Oracle and was ready to “pump” out even more before changing course [aligning with my true north!] and taking time to really energise into where and how I could best serve me, my fam, my community AND the whole of humanity 😘 ENTER Sacred Soul System and my signature offerings (which are not surprisingly here to help each of us celebrate our wholeness!)

This summer has especially reminded me how quick I am to brush or rush over massive life wins…we’re so deeply programmed to keep going, do more, seek next…and while I’ve been aware of this for years the default is SO strong! I am so thankful to be able to acknowledge and be supported in returning to heart hum so that I can radiate in ALL that is exactly as it needs to be right now! I am so thankful to have the tools, resources, and support system to remind me to lean in, celebrate and trust 🌟

A year ago, I told a dear friend that Silas and I were going to make and save enough money to purchase our own home! And we did! What an incredible leap…what an incredible year! What an incredible time! So instead of rushing to the “next” I’m going to slow down even more and settle into this seriously joyous and momentous occasion - society is telling me to work harder, earn more, secure more clients BUT my sacred soul system is consistently and not so quietly saying…R E L A X - you’re already doing it - so much more is to come! Let’s all take a lil moment or ten to truly soak in this magical time.🕺

I hope you too can settle into ALL you are and how much you have done…simply by being here - being you. I hope you can take some moments to acknowledge and celebrate ALL of that truth - exactly as you are 💞

Choosing next level requires an energy fueled by mindfulness and mindset. Your best friend will become the ability to connect to the moment and allow yourself to really meet yourself exactly where you are. The best bit, it’s from this space of love and intention that ALL you need (in any given moment) can flow within and around you. It's so safe to relax and trust.

From this space we can begin to find true and deep fulfilment with exactly where we’re at AND if we find ourselves frustrated or in discomfort, we can acknowledge our circumstance and begin to CHANGE it...

Mastering the energetics of our Sacred Soul System allows us to do just that – we’re able to claim our wholeness and align with the direction that best serves us.

AND...Spaces like the Annual Pass and Accelerate (spaces limited!) are here for you if you are ready to press play on living your life even more golden, reply to this email or explore more HERE!

Wishing you the most joyous, celebratory, and connected day.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together!

How can you make space for more celebration and joy? I would love to hear from you! DM @with_kate_darnell or reply to this email with your thoughts! Golden Hugs!

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