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Join us next week in the Golden Collective!

The ‘Age of Golden Light’ message dawned on me when I was curled up in a ball by the farmhouse fireplace trying to mediate myself out of a funk.

The message was so golden -

You have arrived. It's time to immerse yourself in this time, The Age of Golden Light, to lead in GOLDEN LIGHT and meet all the divine souls who are ready and willing to be there too. Enjoy the spaciousness of living a golden, prosperous, joy filled life.

Suddenly I needed to make space for ALL that was available to me; I needed to prioritise ways I could best be of service through programs like Sacred Soul System and all of my 1:1 offerings.

Have you experienced something similar?

You know something needs to change but you aren't sure what?

The discomfort of surrendering might be getting too much, yet still, you're required to wait...until you "know" [can trust] that it’s time.

Choosing to live life golden [in The Age of Golden Light] means making space to embrace the wholeness of your SOUL, to trust and back yourself even more!

With this commitment you can lean into ALL of what you're here to be and do - with so much more ease and grace!

When you choose to activate the wholeness of your Sacred Soul System and live from heart and soul [in the age of golden light], life really does get ALL about leaning into joy and being present with all that’s available to you!

We explore this and so much more in The Golden Collective!

By joining us in The Golden Collective [our June call is next Wednesday!], and tapping into the energy of the call, you’ll gain soul wisdom, divine alignment, and an opportunity to live life [even more] golden.

The Golden Collective is your opportunity to -

  • Prioritise time for yourself.

  • Shift perspective and embrace the possibilities of what magic is on its way to you.

  • Lean into all that’s remarkable instead of freaking out about the "worst case".

  • Acknowledging exactly where you’re at and feeling supported in a community of super awesome and soul aligned humans!

The Golden Collective was birthed from a message that came to me over two years ago, fragile by the fireplace. It’s made stronger every day with the opportunity of supporting you to lead and live in the realm of Golden Light!

Are you ready to look for the gold, to seek all the golden opportunities this life has on offer?

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS There are other ways you can work with me...

Participate in the Sacred Soul System e-course, designed to provide you with the steps to align to your wholeness, and celebrate the magnificence of who you already are!

Book the new DAY PASS WITH KATE DARNELL - this very special offering is here for anyone willing to truly shift gears and gain divine soul clarity in their life and/or business!

or send me an email to learn more about my three month Accelerate space or The Annual Pass.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

Love you! Thank you! X

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