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Judgement keeps the world small and people miserable...

In the past hurtful things have been said about my GBTS offerings.

I keep showing up.

Some people think I’m way “out there” crazy alternative, that I have lost my mind.

I keep showing up.

When I started GBTS my grandmother said she wouldn’t wipe her butt on my Oracle Cards.

I keep showing up.

Someone told me working with spirits was putting my home and children in danger.

I keep showing up.

Another told me that I better keep mainstream teaching as a backup for when the “novelty” of GBTS wears off.

I keep showing up.

Showing up doesn’t mean lots of Facebooks lives and hustle, showing up, to me, is being present, believing in myself and honouring my lives work. A legacy that supports women, to take time to find inner peace and feel empowered, to believe in themselves and show up too.

Judgement of self and others - will keep us small.

Judgment and the stories created by other people can feel so hurtful and yes very very harmful but nothing is more harmful than if you allow yourself to be fuelled by such thoughts.

My exterior and choice to be positive is strong but my soul is like us all – sensitive. Negative comments/energy directed towards you is rarely going to "water off a duck's back" BUT they cannot stop us from showing up – choosing to awaken, not to be wounded.

The thoughts, opinions and judgements of others can not harm me or even hurt me.

My choice to allow them to will.

Of course I’m going to be misunderstood by some people but to truly live out the life I wish to lead means it’s essential that I do not give time or energy to judgement and I hope this post can encourage you to do the same.

I am committed to the world I am creating for myself, as a wife, mother, friend, soulie, spiritual healer, writer, celebrant, meditation teacher…


I believe in me.

This is where my passion to support people to find their inner peace, to empower people to believe in themselves comes in.

I show up and serve the people who respect my work.

I show up and serve the people who believe in my work.

I show up and serve because I believe in me.

I can only do that if I respect and believe in myself.

I sincerely hope that you can do the same. I'm here to help you do just that.

Love Kate X

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