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Manifesting in March - Energetic Coherence - Whaaaa??! What if you were always in FLOW?

Golden Light!

A common misconception amongst us energetic and spiritual folk, is that flow and alignment come and go!

What if, we were always in divine flow?

What if we reframed the way we energetically met ourselves when we were feeling "out" of flow?

What if we created a simple, beautiful, trusting, and honest way to help us see that things are working for us, at all times, and in more ways than we realise!

Energetic Coherence exists when we become willing and ready to trust in the true and divine flow that we’re always in.

Through meeting ourselves with love and approval of self, exactly where we're ebbing and flowing in any given moment, we can be liberated into living a golden, glorious, and abundant life, exactly as we are - right now!

To truly "remain" in "flow state", it's important to remember to relax into our wholeness and trust.

To start feeling like you’re in flow, and manifesting your best and most golden life, it's important to...

  • Acknowledge that even flow has icky-ness and hard parts!

  • Rest - When did you take true and soul nourishing time for you? [watch what stories are telling you that you can't!]

  • Nurture your body with movement and delicious meals

  • Be mindful - especially around the information you’re consuming.

  • And check in with where you might be over delivering or putting massive expectations on yourself! Where are you overcompensating and giving so much of yourself that your feeling resentful and burnt out?

I would love to support you and your Sacred Soul System in feeling soul nourished and ready to trust in even more of what you have to share and bask in in this lifetime! And this is why I’m so excited to share a new and very golden way you can catch me live once a month in a brand new and very golden space called - THE GOLDEN COLLECTIVE.

For as little as $22 a month, sign up this March [our first call is next week) to go in the draw for a special golden giveaway - $500 WKD Credit! The winner will be announced at our first GOLDEN COLLECTIVE call.

Let's relax, trust and allow all to be revealed exactly as it needs to be. Let's share and spread the abundant light a little more too!

I'm so excited to be supporting you soon!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

New episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts, be sure to follow along for extra joy and golden times!

I love YOU and I love YOU!

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