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Manifesting in March - Mixed Messages 😫 ... and how they can Support your Sacred Soul System!

Do you ever find yourself completely frustrated with feelings of confusion, fogginess, and absolute disarray?

Have you ever felt like the mixed messages were driving you crazy AND all you wanted was just one clear and golden sign?

What if ALL these feelings, emotions and frustrations were actually serving you?

What if these feelings were the exact sign you needed to allow all to be exactly as it needed to be. What if they were actually helping you to align with all that you desire and are ready to receive in this lifetime?

In a world that tends to glorify fulfilment with feelings of success and productivity, we may find ourselves berating ourselves for not having a clear vision or a certainty of exactly where we’re going or how much we are [actually!] accomplishing. We place intense pressure and expectation on ourselves to be and do more, and become ridiculously hard on exactly where we are - which leaves us feeling confused and as if we are failing.

When we align with the wholeness of our Sacred Soul System and truly tune into where we’re at in any given moment, we’re able to discern what it is our heart and soul truly needs to action. This allows us to energetically calibrate to living authentically to exactly who we are AND helps us to communicate these desires and all that is/isn’t working for us too.

The golden clarity and insight truly does exist in the tension and murkiness. It's here where you CAN manifest and trust.. It's here where we can embrace it ALL with so much love, forgiveness, and acceptance!

If you’ve found yourself fried with frustrations, try bringing your awareness to the exact feeling and lean into it with complete and utter love for exactly where you are. Gift yourself an opportunity to embrace your wholeness, to be all of who you are, liberated, wild and so free.

From here you’ll be able to operate from a fully resourced and well-tended to nervous system with more ease and from there you’ll have a much clearer vision and take intentional action - exactly when you need to...

Wishing you the most joyous and golden day!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

New episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts, be sure to follow along for extra joy and golden times!

Need support deciphering the messages and your feelings in the moment? Let’s energetically tend to your nervous system together! A Golden Immersion may be the exact soul gift you your first session HERE.

I love YOU and I love YOU!

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