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Manifesting in March - Resourced and Ready? What are your soul non-negotiables?

We can be so quick to "joke" or playfully make claims as to what we need...

"If only I had [insert that thing that would make your life easier here] that would definitely make life so much easier" or “If my life was the same as [that someone who seems to have it all], life would be way better...”

But how often do we truly acknowledge the desire and allow ourselves to truly have it? Or better still - do we ever truly allow ourselves to come into the moment and feel into just how much is already available to each of us? Perhaps it's already more golden than you realise?

Feeling resourced and ready requires a willingness to embrace ALL that you need/desire while also acknowledging exactly where you’re at.

Simple mindful steps can be used to support you in feeling resourced and ready without feeling as if you’re skimping on what you really desire - in fact these simple steps and daily non-negotiables will support you in feeling INFORMED and at peace with all that’s being revealed in your life.

Today shares a reminder for each of us to...

· Use your breath, explore what you need to feel more energised, empowered - at peace.

· Take a moment to daydream! What does life look and feel like when you have the things that you’re desiring?

· Mindfully come into the moment...what can you see, hear, feel, and appreciate right now? What’s been taking away or getting in the way of you feeling resourced and energetically "rich" "abundant" or even "successful"?

Connecting to breath and the power of the moment will not only support your nervous system, but will also gift you a moment to...

· Recharge and reconnect.

· Align with what feels good and right for you in the moment.


· Allow more space for rest and an awareness of what you need to do to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Soul non-negotiables play a pivotal role in us connecting with our Sacred Soul System and living our wholeness. While they will look different to everyone, it's important you take true and genuine time for yourself to get clear on what yours are, and make sure you’re getting them regularly!

If for any reason you’re feeling under resourced or that taking time for yourself feels impossible (especially if messages like this one has you feel frustrated or even resentful - "it's ok for you") it may be time to take a look at where you can lean into your various support systems, and feel truly supported in acknowledging whatever it is you need to feel more readily resourced to live life [even more] GOLDEN!

I would love to help! There's still a few opportunities for you to apply for a FREE energetic FREEDOM Session with me HERE - let's see where you can welcome in more energy to feel resourced and ready for ALL you desire and MORE!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

New episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts, be sure to follow along for extra joy and golden times!

I love YOU and I love YOU!

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