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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

It is the eve of the New-Moon and I’m so ready for the cleansing energy that comes with the beginning of each cycle! Every new-moon I am able to release and renew by taking some time to connect with spirit and set my personal and business new-moon intentions.

The new-moon also means I get to support many inspiring women to set their personal and biz intentions to achieve their dreams too through offering GBTS: Moon Magic and individual Moon Mentoring!

While I use the new moon to give thanks for “all that is” I also use it to set intentions and as gentle reminder to move forward as I honour all the stages that make me – me.

For many of us, the new moon is a reminder that it’s safe to start again – to start fresh and to clearly articulate what it is we wish to achieve. If you’ve been following Gumboots By The Sea for a while now you probably already know about my love for using the moon to set intentions. You can find out how and why I started setting New Moon Intentions over five years ago HERE in an article I shared in Badassery Mag earlier this year.

The new moon is also a timely opportunity to release and break patterns/habits that you may feel are holding you back. To help do this, I always (safely) burn last cycles intentions and spend some time meditating and journaling.

If you’re looking for support in doing this (and experiencing REAL spirit led change)  take a closer look at MOON MAGIC and individual MOON MENTORING.  I would love to support you and journey through this moon cycle with you.

Obviously, I would LOVE for you to join us for Moon Magic, or reach out for individual Moon Mentoring sessions but at the very least I encourage you to take some time to set some intentions this new-moon for YOU.

Make space for YOU this new moon beauty, allow it to help you achieve, celebrate and be ALL that you are.

Yours in Inner-peace and Empowerment,

Love Kate X

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