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Have you been playing along?

We're in WEEK 3 of Sacred Soul System.

Hello Golden Light,

The soul liberation that has takes when we make and take more space for oursleves is truly one of the greatest things you can gift yourself and soul.

This week we enter the third theme in Sacred Soul System. We are weaving the foundations of being led by heart while listening and honouring our "Soul Musts".

Do you know your Soul Non-Negotiable[s] - can you visit or revisit your Soul Musts?

A "Soul Must" can be as simple as beginning your day with a deep and intentional breath, it may time in nature, time and space alone or with friends. Your "Soul Must" is governed by your heart hum; this is where we begin to experience true trust and alignment.

As we address the needs of our Nervous System we are able to sink in to the needs of our soul!

I invite you to explore this idea this week and if you're interested in exploring this theme further, simply purchase our e-course and press play on the week three recording.

I look forward to hearing how the process was able to best support you and the wholeness of your Sacred Soul System.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate X

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