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Quality friendships - Create Quality Self-Care.

Quality friendships will fill your “self-care cup” in so many ways.

Connecting with people is something that has always come naturally to me and taking the time to speak with my friends, see them, catch up with them is certainly part of my “self-care plan”. Perhaps you can make it a part of yours this Self-Love season?

The best thing about friendships is that they really don’t have to be complicated.

Often our connection with people can be broken due to an inner dialogue which sabotages your genuine connections and the opportunity for true love and openness with one another.

This little message is here to remind you to call in your people, take the time to sit and have tea, just be with them - as one. Some of your deepest connections may exist in the tiny squares of Instagram, others may be life time friends. A friend may be someone you have recently met and connected with, a sister, your aunty.

Sometimes taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that you are worthy of quality friendships and connections is all you need to do to take the time to connect again.

Trust that all the people in your life are exactly the people that need to be in your world right now. If you are feeling alone or isolated, trust that there’s a someone special who is ready to love and support you unconditionally - sometimes all you have to do it ask.

Love Kate X

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