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Re-energising with the good stuff!

Golden Light!

What do you do on the crappy days? Those strange whole body "I don't want to play" days when you're so frustrated but you can't quite pinpoint why; when even the simplest joyous moments feel...GRIM!

Whether you’re being bothered by a collective fear, world event or something closer to home - remember your feelings are valid (no matter how irrational they may seem) and your energetic awareness can HELP!

There's loads that can feel overwhelming and grim right now - unfortunately - there always is! Equally, there's always loads that can feel light and freeing too!

Re-energising with the good stuff begins with choosing to take a moment to really feel into where you are now and what you’re seeking to be/feel despite the many many circumstances that feel/see/are out of your control.

Play some music, connect with nature, call a friend, run a bath, take a walk. Remember, we don't need to overcomplicate what it is you need to do to feel a little better!

I recently re-visited the Sacred Soul System course and while playing the week 8 process [while in a lovely warm bubble bath to help elevate myself out of a funk] I recognised that I’d gotten a little stuck in the "grim feels" and this is the message that really struck a chord...

What we allow will continue...

I went on to share -

If you are over delivering or giving out of resentment, you are not only creating a toxic relationship with yourself but with others. Take the time to nurture and nourish you, so that you can give and be your wholeness to the entire - do whatever it is that you need to do to feel "unstuck" [and less grim] first!

If you'd like to listen to the whole call [for free!] send me an email and I'll share the link with you or you can purchase the entire e-course HERE.

I hope your day can feel much less grim and so much more golden!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo You'll find more magical wands of energetic goodness below...

The Sacred Soul System E-COURSE The Golden Collective ENERGETIC MASTERMIND - GRADUATE ...we’re heading into our 2nd month of this six-month mastermind - contact me to join!

Or contact me to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

Love Kate X

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