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See ya SHOULDS...Bye Bye JUST

Two years ago I removed the word “should” from my world. It completely changed the way I lived.

You know when we “should” stuff? You’ve done it too?? should be fitter, should be better, should be more supportive, should work more, should work less, should be more present, should be less present, should call…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Even just writing it makes me feel sick – the pressure! By saying see-ya to the “should” I was able to say hello to “perfect as I am”. I was able to start genuinely believing that in the moment, I am me, being my best, doing my best, trusting in the now and accepting my life for exactly as it is, exactly as it needs to be.

Removing “should” meant that I could “be to become” one of my favourite little soul sayings. I was able to trust in spirit, listen to messages and genuinely “just be” and this made way for many opportunities. It really allowed me to “become” without expectation. The result? I had loads of personal and business successes! Meditation classes, becoming a celebrant, creating moon mentoring, publishing my first book, investing in my own growth and healing…all BIG achievements, right? Right!

This brings me to the word I let go of in 2018.

During the 2017/2018 summer, I noticed that when I was sharing any of my business and personal achievements with family and friends I was really quick to use the word “just”. To name a few – “it’s just a short book, just self-published, just a few classes” Say whaaaaaaaaat??? I literally had to “Gumboots by the Sea” myself and set myself straight – “Kate Darnell” I gently said to myself, “please please please, speak to yourself as you would a best friend, a family member, a client…speak to yourself as you would a small child. Stop short changing yourself and your accomplishments.”

I realised I would NEVER “just” anyone else and their achievements, not a single other soul, so why was I allowing myself to “just” any of my remarkable wins?! The answer is simple…it’s because I’m human and that’s ok. It really is ok, and I’ve checked in with self and source and I know that sharing this isn’t an ego thing. I’m not looking for reassurance, for people to make me feel better or for me to get “high and mighty” because I’m awesome – HA! It’s simply an acknowledgment. An understanding, that the word “just” has been belittling the magic of my being.

So…this year I decided to say bye to the word “JUST”. No more “oh it’s just self published” no more “just a few new clients” no more “just a little course” these are huge deals to me and I don’t have to play them down, no one else would want me to!

It’s time for me to step into my truth and really celebrate all that I have become especially as I prepare venture into my third year as Gumboots by the Sea.

So, I’ve got something to share with YOU…there is nothing “just” about my first published book, Letters to a Tibetan Monk, there is nothing just about my Gumboots By The Sea Offerings there is nothing just about me and there is certainly nothing just about YOU!

Let’s celebrate together, invest in our own healing, activate that throat chakra and shout it from all of the mountain tops.

No more “SHOULD”, no more “JUST”, because my loves, we really do – deserve it ALL!

Love Kate X

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