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Seeking Clarity??? It's right HERE!

Golden Light!

GOSH! If only it was that easy...the clarity you seek just coming through to you in this instant - the a-ha moment landing right now...In.This.Moment!


Take a breath...

Did it work??

No? Still feeling frustrated?

Who said clarity had to feel good?

Often the clarity is in the tension, the murky, the frustration, the exhaustion. That same clarity requires just a little more love and trust...a touch of time...squeee, dare I say it...even [more!]...patience!

B U T K A T E ! Where's the lightbulb moment, the orchestra of arrival of that very clear - YES this is so right - “champion feel" sign and feeling???

You're in it - it's here - this is it!

No really...

Nestled inside the first ever book I published "Letters to a Tibetan Monk" is the well-known quote from Thich Nhat Hanh

"I have arrived. I am home. My destination is in each step."

I placed it there as a reminder that each step is just as real, right, aligned and clear as the previous in the moment - we are all we need to be...THIS is the clarity...The acceptance, the love, the willingness to explore and to be curious - It's ALL clarity and so much more!

We search and we seek; we torment ourselves; we go dizzy. Sometimes this can be gloriously golden and wonderful… UNTIL it isn't. Until we’re tired, disconnected and no longer trusting in our own inner-compass, our own divine wisdom; the messages of our soul [that comes when we’re living the wholeness of our sacred soul system]

We’ve been immersing ourselves in the theme of CLARITY in our GRADUATE calls and what a gift it is to see so brightly the path of murkiness, uncertainty and exhaustion actually is clarity - what a gift to say YES - I trust you - thank you for walking beside me and guiding me...each step of the way.

I’ve been gifted enormous amounts of clarity recently which includes a very exciting 2024 offering...I'm excited to be sharing more soon - exactly when I need to!

I love you and I love you!

In Golden light,

Love Kate xoxo

It would be such a treat to see you in The Golden Collective (Today - Wednesday September 6th) Or explore these awesome soul-led offerings..

ENERGETIC MASTERMIND - GRADUATE ... - We're in the final week of CLARITY over in Graduate and it's next level GOLDEN!

Or send me an email to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

Love Kate X

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