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Sharing a special one from the archives!

Golden Light!

If you've been here since the Gumboots By The Sea days, you will likely recall, or know of, one of my favourite author and self-love meditation guides, Sarah Blondin.

Sarah's potent words and dreamy voice have the ability to take us to deep, sacred and fulfilled places - from the comfort of our own meditation practice!

One of my fav meditations to revisit is this one - it's called Loving and Listening to yourself.

One of the greatest acts of self-love can be taking your time to truly love and listen to what YOU need. In the recording Sarah asks...

"When was the last time you closed your eyes and said these words to yourself? When was the last time you took the time to give to yourself, what you endeavoured to give others?"

Taking time to love and listen to yourself provides space for YOU; to align, call back, nurture and love all parts of you [and the wholeness of your Sacred Soul System].

We'll be loving and listening to each other next week in the Golden Collective - Join here to get the link AND all of the previous calls and processes!

I love you - I am listening!

How can you welcome more space to love and listen to self?

Are there any struggles or crossroads that have you feeling stuck - as if you don't know where to start?

Reach out!

Contact me, I'd love to support you!

In Golden Light!

Love Kate X

Make time to love and listen to yourself via...

Join us in The Golden Collective (our next call is just one week away!)

Or contact me to learn more about The Annual Pass or my three month Accelerate space.

I’m so excited to be supporting you soon!

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