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The power of POSITIVITY!

Hi Golden One,

For as long as I can remember, positivity has always been my default. Maybe it's because I spent many of my younger years in hospitals, I was surrounded by so much love, with people literally willing me to live.

Perhaps it's because my soul just knew that this is who and how I needed to be in this lifetime. Whatever the reason, I’ve discovered that this positivity has supported me in living life beyond limits. I have applied this same mindset to the energy of money and generating an income too!

By embracing our wholeness via our Sacred Soul System with deep love and appreciation for all of who we are, we can easily integrate a choice to create a positive relationship [in this case with money] and choose to live in a frequency that best serves us. This makes it easier to share all of who we’re here to be and allows us to serve from an energy rich and abundant state!

I'm sure you'll agree that creating a deep, soulful, AND positive relationship with energy goes beyond just being upbeat, happy or adapting a "she'll be right attitude". While that can be a great start, ignoring the wholeness of who we are [and how we’re feeling!] can create a surface level positivity that becomes exhausting, toxic, and often very people pleaser-y! This frequency doesn't serve us, especially when we’re seeking financial abundance and life upgrades.

Today I'm sharing some energetic steps to support anyone hoping to shift their mindset and realign for...MIGHTY FINANCIAL UPGRADES!

Firstly... Let's break up with the industrial age idea that more productivity equals greater abundance. We aren't robots and the health of our nervous system is far more valuable than any dollar. Rest, take your time AND be fully present with what you need right now. This will support you in prioritising where your energy can best serve you. Next... It's time to acknowledge the money stories or limiting beliefs that you’ve been programmed to believe. So many of us were raised "poor" so it's easy to slip into scarcity mindset and associate this with our worth and what we’re deserving of receiving in this lifetime. Then... Explore the polarity of a situation. If you inhabit the energy of “more money will make you greedy and/ selfish", try exploring the polarity of this. What if money can make you generous and allow you to support those in need? You may also like to... Acknowledge any in built judgements that are still hanging around after exploring your money stories. A big one may be our need to over deliver and give from a place of resentment vs serving from a healthy and fully resourced space.

AND Identify any energetic dips that will present themselves when we begin to micro-manage or put pressure and expectation on ourselves, our relationship OR our connection with money and abundance! Acknowledge any "monkey mind" that is trying to keep you small/poor and watch the world and all the possibilities present themselves to you when you do!

FINALLY Don't forget that a little bit of gratitude and trust goes a long way! Give thanks for ALL of the abundance that is already all around [that fresh air, the food in your cupboard, the smiles and support of family and friends] and of course TRUST that you are supported in this lifetime AND beyond!

From here we can begin to utilise our own energetic currency, we can take more time for ourselves and enjoy having even more love and approval of self and soul. Sacred Soul System provides us with the steps to lean into a life even more golden. Together we can energetically shift limiting beliefs and embrace the upgrades that are all around.

Have you completed the SACRED SOUL SYSTEM E-COURSE? I'd love to hear if you’ve been embracing your wholeness and enjoying abundance that finds you when you do? You haven't felt called to invest in the course yet? The active code SALTYSOUL can still be used to enjoy 50% off Sacred Soul System e-course, or reply to this email to find out what 1:1 spaces are waiting for you to say yes to in 2023. The Sacred Soul System e-course is a bonus gift when you say yes to either one of The Annual Pass and Accelerate offerings!

Have a beautiful week.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together! What's your energetic currency? Tag me in your photos @with_kate_darnell xoxo

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