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We Are Whole

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Do you feel whole? It’s ok if you don’t! It’s ok if sometimes you do and at other times – erm…maybe not so much?

We’re all made up of perfectly imperfect perfections and often there are parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual beings that we can forget to be kind to – that may cause us pain, make us feel out of alignment.

Today I feel guided to share the story of my legs. Many of you would already know me as having a limp, some of you may not know that I have the limp because of a “deformity” caused by septic arthritis, in my left hip, when I was 1 year old.

My right leg stands strong, the masculine side of my body is slightly bowed, from some “corrective surgery” that “went wrong”, when I was 11 years old. My left hip sits higher than my right, my delicate feminine side, drops shorter and smaller too.

I believe my legs are the way they are, because of an illness that was destined to make me – me.

Most of the time I don’t even notice my limp, I hardly feel it and it doesn’t even sting when I’m described as the “woman with that limp” (I know I’m more than a physical description) My limp, my slightly higher, yet smaller hip, is simply – a part of who I am. While some may see my limp and describe me as having a “disability”, I really do see it as an ultimate gift.

I am exactly where I need to be, exactly HOW I need to be. I keep going. I believe in me – no matter what. I feel whole.

I believe my limp is here this lifetime to help me stand out, NOT in a bad feel sorry for Kate way but in a “hey look – we’re all a little different and it’s so ok.” Perhaps, in a body and soul positivity kind of way? Or perhaps for me to share that there are parts of me that are far from perfect but that doesn’t stop me from connecting to my place of peace and feeling whole.

My limp is a huge reason for my optimism and positivity. Perhaps, as a child, I felt the need to compensate for my very evident (although quite subtle) disability. Maybe, it’s because I grew up surrounded by SO much love and with gratitude for having legs and being alive. I always knew my physical disability was by no means a tragic one, so I grew up thankful that I could walk, not taking my legs and body for granted, excited to move and celebrate my body – however it showed up – to naturally birth babies, to just surrender to being me.

While I have struggled in the past, I never let my “hip/limp” hold me back and it was an awakening in my twenties that helped me get fit and sort out the emotional and physical pain that I felt in my legs. I realised it was time to move forward and never let anything, especially a mild physical disability hold me back from getting fit and believing in myself.

These days I’m fitter and healthier, meditation moves me beyond the physical realm. I wholeheartedly believe that alignments and pain are connected to emotional and physical reasons – so I heal from within, I don’t look for quick fixes, I surrender, accept, grow, and this beautiful soul, really really really works.

I am living, breathing, pain free, limping proof.

I always wondered when I would share this story with my Gumboots By The Sea community and it seems now is the time.

Spirit seems to feel that there are people who may feel like they are missing something, that they feel incomplete and not whole. I guess I’m here to tell you that a part of my left hip is “missing” but I choose to wholeheartedly believe that I AM WHOLE. I really believe that whatever we feel isn’t “right” in our world can be shifted – changed – healed – with little physical intervention (perhaps none, perhaps lots – whatever works and feels right for YOU!) but also with a whole heap of love and energy healing.


No matter how you look or feel, all you need to feel whole is to trust in your story and trust in WHO YOU ARE.

Trust in YOU Trust in SOUL – was divinely created to help YOU feel whole – it’s been channelled from my unique heart space for yours and I would love for you to join the unique spiritual journey – ONLINE – each Monday evening for 6 weeks, beginning October 29th

You will experience unique meditations (recorded and yours to keep) and a whole mind, body and soul connection and alignment. The link is HERE.

Feel good however and where ever you are in your world right NOW. It’s so safe to show up, share and celebrate A L L of you – I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!

Love Kate X

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