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We're human -It happens!

Hello Golden One,

Living our brilliance can be exhausting, especially when we so easily forget just how magnificent we are.

By now in our lives, it's likely we have certifications and qualifications; we have attended graduations, we have worked out what we are naturally gifted and talented in and we likely have a few passions! We may have started our own soul led businesses, created offerings, made, and shared our art AND in one way or another we have probably given our all to something or another.

Despite this, we can still find ourselves justifying why we can [or can't] do something. We’ll easily compare ourselves to others or allow someone else to dull our brilliance and question our abilities.

If you’ve found yourself questioning your brilliance of late, gift yourself some time and space to...

Meditate - Sit still, bask in nature, journal - speak to your guides!

Connect - Make time for the people in your life that truly see and celebrate you (remember that sometimes this will be with your paid coach, counsellor/health care practitioner - AND there is NO shame in this - in fact it's an opportunity to rejoice in having the right and aligned people in your life!)

Allow - Gift yourself the time and space to go gently and cut yourself some slack!

We all have divine light, wisdom, and magic to share with the world. This can, and will, manifest in wild and beautiful ways!

First, we need to embrace our gifts, skills and abilities. Next, we must choose to allow it all to be and finally, prepare to step into the spotlight of our divine life AND claim ALL we’re here to be.

Questioning your brilliance?

We all do, and all will...time and time again...we're human!

Don't forget the greatest leaders, movers, shakers and change makers are the ones that keep going! They take deep and great care of themselves and allow all to be, not despite of what others are saying or how they are feeling but...because of them!

May you begin to utilise your brilliance by aligning with your Sacred Soul System, to keep going (at a time and space that works for you), to keep trusting (in a way that is aligned and true for you) and being (by embracing your brilliance and loving your whole self).

I'm here and so honoured to be working in my brilliance to support you in SHINING and living life [even more] golden.

If you’re feeling ready to say yes to you and your brilliance, let's chat! Or check out all the golden ways we can work with each other in 2023 and beyond here.

Have a beautiful week!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

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