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What's on your mind?

Boundaries. Choices.

Making a loving committment to self.

Hello Golden Light,

Often the greatest breakthrough can come from the simple acknowledgment of what's really on our mind.

What story are we writing?

Where are we directing our energy? Why is that getting so much of our time?

Who is having the greatest influence over what we are thinking?

Is it having a positive or negative influence?

Over the weekend I was observing my daughters; they've been in the depths of some classic sibling rivalry and the common theme tends to be - CONTROL!

After witnessing this on Saturday and playing parent umpire for what felt like the fiftieth time that morning, I asked them why it's so important to be in charge? I questioned why there was such a need to be right? To be the best?

Now, we all know many adults would struggle to answer these kinds of questions (myself included) so when the girls looked up at me - somewhat speechless - [a small somewhat controlling win in itself - hehe] it was fun to facilitate a conversation around the things they CAN actually control - for themselves.

This conversation supported my daughters to make a choice. They each had an opportunity to nurture their own desire (in this case the desire to be right). They were able to call back their own energy and tend to their individual needs (the essence of their Sacred Soul System) without having anyone else interfering with what felt true for them.

So beautiful soul, I wonder... Can you nurture yourself a little more today?

Can the simple act of acknowledgement support you in making the choice of experiencing a more loving committment to self?

I'd love to hear what you decide!

"Boundaries, choices and making a loving committment to self" is our Week Two theme in Sacred Soul System. If you're interested in exploring this theme further simply purchase the e-course and press play on the week two recording.

I look forward to hearing how the process was able to best support you and the wholeness of your Sacred Soul System.

In Golden Light,

Love Kate X

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