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Blame it on the Moon! Tuning in and living your best life.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

How amazing is it, that something as epic as the earth’s oceans are controlled by a celestial entity that is so stunningly present, yet so far beyond our reach?

The moon has had everything to do with my spiritual rising and has helped me to trust in my own self-power. You can simply start to do the same, by tuning in and using the moon’s energy to bring out your intuitive and powerful self and learning to trust wholeheartedly in you!

Setting short and specific intentions at the beginning of each new moon is a remarkable way to reclaim some flow into your world. At the beginning of a new moon cycle you can call on the energy of the moon to gain spiritual support in any aspect of your life.

I have been tuning into the moon for an eternity. For me, it all started with the simple acknowledgement of the moon’s powerful energy, but I now have an undeniably, potent and pure connection to the moon.

I had my first experience of setting a moon intention some years ago and very quickly discovered how powerful intention setting can be. At the time, I was newly married and desperate for a child. I had been trying to fall pregnant for over a year and it just wasn’t happening. My intuition, and some other feeling unbeknown to me, kept assuring me that it was going to happen. I KNEW my daughter was coming but despite my best efforts, I was still uncertain and not falling pregnant was causing great pressure and stress on me and everything around me. My world was falling apart, and things in my life were feeling incredibly unaligned with my heart's true desires. I found myself yearning for a new and different life. I desperately wanted change, contentment and clarity.

Unbeknownst to me, my heart and soul, and something else out there, had big plans for me. Fortunately for me, a spiritual mentor suggested that I write some intentions down at the new moon. Whist I had been reading oracle cards for years, it had never occurred to me to use the moon to help set intentions and manifest my desires. In hindsight, I wondered how I had overlooked the obvious for so long?! I grabbed a pen and caressed the pages of my journal with words that crashed like celestial waves on the shoreline. My wish to the moon was “for babies, a move to the country, adventures with my man, serenity.”

Without further contemplation, I gently bound the pages of my journal and placed it back on the shelf. By the next moon cycle, I was pregnant! In less than nine moon cycles, my baby girl arrived. My husband and I had moved to the country and we had started our new life as parents. The whole time the daily presence of the moon, even at her slightest, reminded me of her magic. The moon very quickly became my constant companion and helped me to honour the various stages of each moon cycle. Each stage reminded me that I was safe, protected and loved. As we began our gloriously imperfect and chaotic life as a family in the country, I found a rhythm, one that was in perfect alignment with my soul and brought so much joy. I started to make a conscious effort to tune into the moon’s energy each month by regularly writing intentions, meditating, releasing and being.

By becoming truly aligned with my heart’s desires and setting specific monthly intentions influenced by the energy of the moon, I have experienced positive, intuitive-led real change. I am compelled to live a life that keeps on getting sweeter. I have two glorious daughters, a devoted husband and an inspiring spiritual business “Gumboots By The Sea”. I am now able to breathe freely as I fully listen to and trust my intuition and heart to lead the way. I trust in spirit and my own self-power to support me and I use the constant companionship of the moon to hold me accountable. I set intentions and allow it to shine magic on all of my desires which in turn allows me to live my best most fulfilled life.

What a gift the moon is! Is it your time to look up, tune in and simply ask?

SACRED SPACE was first offered as a group moon mentoring package in 2018...a monthly subscription provides soul guidance and spiritual support as we tune in and energetically set intentions at the new-moon and check in at the full moon. If the moon is calling you and you are feeling ready to take the next step, to tune in and honour ALL of you...learn more about how you can join the magnificence HERE.

It would be a gift to have you join us.

Love Kate X

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