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Enjoying that time of the year where you have no idea what day it is!


We're here!

It's that time again when we get to play the 2022 version of... "What day is it?!"

The week where my household argues over who gets to finish the last of the Raspberry Trifle, where we all immerse ourselves in long summer reading and creative sessions, we love a daily swim or two, hangs with our favs are essential, not to mention it's when we begin to bid farewell to another year as we prepare to say hi to the next one!

Thank you for reading this little love note and spending a golden moment with ME!

How has your festive season been?

How is your in between week going?

Have you had some space to reflect and connect?

One year ago, I had just said goodbye to my first soul led and spiritual business "Gumboots By The Sea" and embraced my wholeness as With Kate Darnell. I had no idea exactly what or how my year was going to look or feel, but I knew it was going to take great courage and trust in me and my Sacred Soul System to leap into the kind of direction that has beared witness to the most amazingly SAFE and exhilarating soul experiences - I'm even hosting and teaching energetic mastery via my signature offering GRADUATE!

This month’s theme in GRADUATE is LIBERATE. It’s the first frequency that’s a part of GRADUATES energetic trilogy template and has seen every GRADUATE member – myself included - truly expand into a next level of extraordinary brilliance. This has meant saying no, digging deep, resting, asking for support, and freeing oneself from negative thought patterns and the energetic frequencies that no longer serve us!

I hope you’re able to use this time to take a moment and a breath or three! I hope you’ve embraced the pportunity to be the golden light filled, vibrant HUMAN that you’re here to be this lifetime!

Seeking Soul Guidance? Don't forget you can access the 2x 1 hour 1:1 Golden Soul Immersion Sessions (it's usually only one!) as well as daily VOXER access for additional Spiritual Support for four whole weeks, the exchange is $444 and you can JOIN HERE. Wishing you the most joyous and spiritually connected in-between week. I'm about to polish off my very un-traditional Raspberry Trifle!

I look forward to working with you soon!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

PS Golden filled episodes of "Awaken You Sacred Soul System" episodes are uploaded every Friday on Spotify, Apple and wherever you find your podcasts!

PPS Let's connect and celebrate together! How are you spending your in between week? Tag me in your photos @with_kate_darnell - I love hearing from you! xoxo

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