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My last mainstream teaching day.... And Why!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

My last mainstream teaching day...And why!

Hello Golden One,

Six years ago, my soul led business was in her infancy, my youngest daughter was only one and I had started doing a casual teaching day, once a week, at a local high school.

There were many reasons why the teaching day wasn't feeling golden BUT it was absolutely the conversation below that helped me make this particular mainstream teaching day, my last one - ever!

Head Teacher: Kate don't forget to apply for the full-time teaching position that is coming up here.

Kate: Vaguely staring off in the distance hmmm...I really just love being home with my girls, and I really feel like I can make something out of my meditation teachings and classes...

Headteacher: Laughing...oh Kate, you're so idealistic, you can hardly expect to pay a mortgage with meditation classes.

The bell rang and off I went to class. That afternoon these words kept whirling around in my head...

You can't pay a mortgage with meditation classes...

I found myself asking, who says I can't and why can't I? AND do I even want a mortgage!

As I drove away from the school and towards the regular evening meditation class that I’d started hosting (I've shared the poster above!) I decided that the message couldn't be any clearer.

That this was another opportunity for me to back myself and my desires. It was another chance for me to choose what was going to work for me and my family; to see just what I could share with the world via my meditation classes and spiritual healings.

And now, here we are! In a week's time, Silas and I will be proud first homeowners.

This week I'm celebrating the mortgage that I can and will be paying without the security of a teaching position AND I will also be celebrating...that *THIS* is what happens when we...

Listen to the messages of what it is we truly desire and therefore GRADUATE into another level of living life [even more] golden!

Allow ourselves to not be capped or deterred by other people's limiting beliefs or stories.

Take time to celebrate and embrace the beginnings and acknowledge the evolution as we continue to master our gifts!

Trusting in us and living our wholeness.

Allow and receive upgrades beyond our wildest dreams.

Speaking of TRUST, thank you to everyone who purchased the TRUST MASTERCLASS – I’ve emailed the WINNER and look forward to working with them soon via a GOLDEN IMMERSION Experience!

Here's a reminder of how you can work with me this year and beyond!

GRADUATE - Energetic Mastery, the mastermind we didn't know we needed! Our first group call is coming soon - join us - extended payment plans are available!

ACCELERATE - My potent 3 month 1:1 container. For the movers and the shakers – we’ll press play on ALL that you’re ready to share with the world. There are only two spaces left for 2022

ANNUAL PASS - Gift yourself a year of potent soul accountability. There’s one space left for 2022

SACRED SPACE - Subscribe to join us for our next New Moon call, Tuesday October 25th.

SACRED SOUL SYSTEM - This incredible e-course is yours to complete at any time.

Have a beautiful week!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

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