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My Real Job is Changing Lives

Updated: Nov 6, 2018


I never imagined that I would work for myself. It really seemed like a foreign concept, one that I would leave to people who really knew what they were doing. I have since discovered that you work out all the biz stuff when you get the clarity on exactly what you want to offer the world.

When my younger sister was in intensive care in 2016, I knew it was time to step into my power and share what I really had to offer with the world. I knew that I had unique ways to support and guide women, to empower them, to help them to experience true inner peace, to help them make positive life choices.

I knew that I had a gift connecting to spirit and that Gumboots By The Sea could be a driving force behind how I choose to live my life, that I could really do what I love and support and empower women.

Working for yourself has so many perks but one advantage that I have never really recognised/appreciated was just how freeing it is to make the CHOICE to use my time MY WAY. This may be obvious to the on-looker, but it’s really taken me until this moment to acknowledge that for nearly three years I have been planting the seeds of all things Gumboots By The Sea (and Kate Darnell Celebrant) and it’s safe for me to truly enjoy all of my work – and the flexible way I can offer it! It’s safe and certainly time too, for me to recognise just how life changing and supportive Gumboots By The Sea has been to so many people, simply because I keep showing up, my way, in a way that works for me.

It really is so freeing to reflect and see that I AM doing my soul’s work. It’s lovely to just sit and allow this ALL to integrate as my work really does fuel my soul, support my family and continues to light me up as I help woman in a way that is fun, connected and so fulfilling – WIN-WIN.

Completely resigning from my secure teaching position and saying no to casual teaching work was relatively easy in the moment – but geeze I wouldn’t be human or completely honest if the fear and doubt STILL doesn’t find a way to creep in. At times (and usually when my self-care is low!) I will find myself wondering but when are you going to start actually working…suggesting to myself that my offerings and all things Gumboots By The Sea isn’t real work – what the?!

Today, I take a moment to really acknowledge that this is my life, I take a moment to articulate that this is me choosing to live life from a place of joy, passion, abundance and flow. To live out my true life’s purpose and really believe it – no matter the “cost” or how my choices may look to an outsider.

Investing in myself and my own healing has really made me step into all things me. It has given me the courage to articulate what I do as a spiritual guide and share why and how I’m doing it.

Maybe you’re feeling called to do the same? To invest in you and get the soul clarity you deserve?

Today is the last day to JOIN TRUST IN YOU – TRUST IN SOUL – The early bird offer is open for one more hour. After that you have until 5pm to say YES to a journey that will-

  • Remind you of your worth

  • Help you connect to your soul speak and

  • Prepare you to heal, evolve and be – by coming into the NOW and trusting in you.

Our first live call is tonight 9pm (AEST). I’m not exaggerating when I say that my sessions and in particular this course has supported many women to say YES to living a life that works FOR them.

I would love for you to join us. I would be honoured to support YOU.

Sign up here.

Love Kate X

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