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Recurring Signs and Symbols 💜

How does your soul speak to you?

Hello Golden One,

It's no secret that I love tuning into the messages of nature, reading angel numbers, connecting with spirit and communicating with, and from soul.

It's very likely you do to?

So many of us live trusting in the messaging we receive so this week I felt called to celebrate that by reminding us to truly align with the niggles of our heart space, to follow the golden threads, to tune in and trust in YOU and the reoccurring messages that are always coming through us!

It's so easy for us to doubt or question the very clear signs and messages that often align for us so intuitively. It's just as easy to create a story in an attempt to make something work or feel right/wrong for us.

When we live aligned to soul and in flow with spirit, we don't have to force any spiritual or soul messages. We can simply tune in and trust that all is working out exactly as it needs to.

Recently, my family and I were inspecting houses in the hope of finding our next dream home. We’d quickly look for signs that would help us "know" it was the right home for us, completely forgetting that with time and space all would be revealed exactly as it needed to be.

One sunny Saturday morning we were looking at another potential house. While wandering around the back yard, I slipped and fell straight on my backside. "Oh no” my eldest daughter gasped, "Mum, we can't move somewhere that has hurt you" Before I had any control over my words, I found myself saying/feeling that perhaps the message was the opposite, "Quit looking - you're here!"

We didn't (officially!) know it at the time but that house was about to become our new home!

We can write a story and tell ourselves whatever we need to hear in any given moment, BUT what I love about energetics and mastering energetics in spaces like Sacred Space and Graduate, or any one of my golden spaces (you’re welcome to join us in either of these spaces at any time - just send me a message!) is that we gain the skills to discern and allow all to truly be exactly as it needs to be. We master the art of tuning in and trusting in ourselves and allowing all the reoccurring signs and symbols to be the exact message we need - when we need it. If you’re feeling ready to say yes to any soul messages or niggles that are seeking support to live your extraordinary life this lifetime, let's chat!

Comment below and I'll share all the golden ways we can work with each other in 2023 and beyond.

Have a beautiful week!

In Golden Light,

Love Kate xoxo

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